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The Mombot Judy Dehoog
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
    T6B 1A6
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    Window Art

    I started creating window art after having a discussion about regrets....

    It’s a long story but here goes… Our ’family’ physician was the best Physician and my savior on many levels. His wife was the receptionist & they really cared about people. He was a mountain of strength and helped me through the loss of my dad before I turned 25 and the loss of my mom before I turned 30. He held our hands when we found out we couldn't have another child. He nursed me through a few major health challenges. He was polished and professional. He would always apologize when you had to wait for more than 5 minutes for your appointment. He was thoughtful and human.

    One day he had a heart attack. Once he returned to work I went to see him. He explained he didn't want to retire but it was time. We talked about the past and the future, and regrets. His only regret during his entire career was he worked in an office for over 25 years that didn't have a window….so I made him one.

    I’ll never forget the look on his face when I gave it to him. I’ll never forget the feeling in my heart. So I said good-bye to him one last time. It was another loss in my life. Every time I make a window I think of that moment. The moment I shared with a very special person. How full my heart felt, how lucky I was. I have lost a lot of people and every time I make a window I think of all of those who have come and gone in my life. So window making is very selfish. I don’t want to forget any of them. I want to feel – even if it sometimes makes me sad.

    My work has evolved over the years and I try to re-claim and re-use as much materials as possible. Windows are collected from a number of sources. Many people are kind enough to donate them so they don't end up in the landfill.

    My garden has become plentiful.

    I always find treasures. Buttons and safety pins, pennies and dimes, rocks, feathers, mushrooms and shiny things all find homes in and among the flowers.
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